How to Host a Sledding Party in Your Neighbourhood

Get friends, family and neighbours together for a sledding party! You can plan this get-together a few weeks in advance or announce an impromptu gathering the day before. Make some calls, send out some fun texts and emails letting everyone know where and when to meet—and to bring their toboggans, of course. Here are some sledding party ideas to make your event fun and easy.

The Plan

Turn this get-together into a winter wonderland party with a few simple details, such as a warming winter menu. First, decide whether you'll bring all the food and drinks or if this should be a potluck affair. Most guests can probably fire up the slow cooker or throw together a batch of muffins with a day's notice.

Next, figure out where everyone will gather. If you're meeting in a park, where will people eat and drink when they're not doing runs down the hill? If your local park has picnic tables all year long, bring a waterproof tablecloth or cozy blanket to make the table more welcoming.

No tables? No problem. Ask guests to bring camp chairs and small folding tables. Or if it's possible to drive right up to the park, have a tailgate party. This works especially well for those with vans, but you could also set up a tablecloth and warm drinks in a regular trunk.

Finally, will you have additional activities besides sledding? Lots of snow means lots of possibilities, especially with kids around.

The Activities

When guests get tired of sledding, have snow paint ready to go. Simply mix food colouring and water in squirt or spray bottles and let kids paint snowy murals. Another fun activity that will add some magic to the occasion is snowman making. Bring a bag of carrots and some old winter hats and scarves so your group can properly finish their new snow friends.

The Food and Drinks
Make the menu really simple by placing an order online at a Loblaw banner store a few days before the party. Choose a convenient pick-up time through PC Express (and PC Insiders* subscribers pick up without fees!) Add hot chocolate, marshmallows, simple sandwich ingredients, soup and maybe a few insulated drink and food containers to your list. Then warm up the cocoa and soup just before you set out and transport them in big pots if you're driving, or a selection of small thermos bottles if you're on foot. Luckily, you'll have a sled on hand for transporting your party supplies through the snow.

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