A Guide to Conquering Your New Year's Resolution List

When was the last time you made a New Year’s resolution and kept it? If you’re like many of us, you’ve either made a resolution you already know you can’t keep, you’ve made and broken more resolutions than you can count, or you just don’t bother any longer.

Making resolutions is the easy part, the hard part is sticking to them for more than a few weeks. Here’s how you can maintain the excitement and resolve to change without losing interest by the end of February.

Start with one (feasible) idea

The new year always feels like a time for complete renewal, that’s why we see “new year, new you” in media in January. Instead of trying to reinvent yourself, pick one feasible New Year’s resolution idea, such as reading a certain number of books per year, trying a new hobby or, yes, losing weight, and set a reasonable goal for yourself.

Break it down

The trick to meeting your goal is to break down the large goal into smaller, easy-to-do mini goals. These goals should be specific and realistic, have deadlines and be achievable. For example, read one book every two weeks. That way you have a small goal that ladders up to your bigger goal of reading 25 books a year.

Create time

Resolutions fall by the wayside because we just don’t have time for them. We want to stick to them, but life gets in the way. One way to achieve your goals is to carve out time for them. That means becoming more efficient with certain errands to free up time. One efficiency is to pre-order your groceries online at Loblaw banner stores via PC Express so that you have the time to work on your resolution. PC Insiders subscribers even enjoy a waived pickup fee! 

Ask for support

Sticking to your resolution can be difficult so ask for support from friends and family. Use their encouragement to keep you motivated and honest.

Use technology

There are so many apps and other technological tools out there for every type of resolution. Some help you set goals, some offer daily reminders, still others track your achievements. Whatever you need, let technology do the heavy lifting of keeping track, freeing up time to work on your goal.

Build in rewards

After you’ve ticked off your first goal, reward yourself with a treat that encourages you to reach your next goal. A reward system is a great way to stay on track. In fact, why not build in rewards that get bigger the more you work toward your ultimate goal?

New Year’s resolutions have a bad reputation for being broken and for making you feel bad. Set one reasonable goal and make this the year you keep your resolution!

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