How to Declutter Your Home After the Holidays Are Over

Is there anything worse than that deflated feeling you get after all the excitement of the holidays is over? Your house is now a mess and you have to clean it up! Avoid feeling overwhelmed and get right into decluttering with these simple tips for a very organized new year.

Be prepared

In the best of circumstances, you'd have prepared for this and would already have recycling bags and storage boxes ready to go. Wrapping paper would have gone directly into a blue bin and gift boxes would be in a neat pile ready to be reused next year.

Not you? No need to panic. Get prepared fast: Despite probably having a house full of food, you still need some basics (you can't eat cookies all day). Add garbage bags and storage boxes to your next order at PC Express.

One step at a time

Don't let the magnitude of the mess get you down. Choose one type of decluttering at a time and get the whole family involved. You'll be surprised at how quickly the cleanup happens.


Got kids? Get them involved. Have the little ones go around the house and collect holiday wrapping paper, boxes and cards—but don't have them do the throwing out. You'll want to rifle through their finds to make sure there aren't any gift cards mixed in, and make sure all items are suitable for your local recycling program. You may also want to save gift boxes to reuse or to store décor for next year. Finally, old holiday cards can be cut up and used to make new cards next year, so consider keeping them instead of putting them in the recycling bin.


As you take down your holiday decorations, make sure they're stored safely—like those heirloom glass ornaments—and labelled. Leftover to/from gift stickers are great for displaying which box has the outdoor holiday lights and which one has the indoor breakables. This is also where storage bins and sturdy cardboard boxes come in handy. 

Out with the old

Before you put your gifts away in your closets and cupboards, take a good look at what's already in there. This is the perfect time to clean out your closet and reconsider what you really need, especially if you're still off work for the holidays.


Pack up the clothes you no longer wear or the housewares you no longer need and donate them to your favourite charity or shelter. If they're still in good shape, they could really improve someone else's holiday season. And don't forget to check your cupboards for extra food you may have bought or that was brought to you. While the rush of the holidays might be over, your non-perishable food donations are still a big help.

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